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us-hispanic-population-graph2Over the next two decades the U.S. Census Bureau shows that Hispanics will account for approximately 30% of the U.S. population. Currently the population is composed of a mix of Hispanic subgroups from several Latin American nations. Efforts to engage “this Hispanic market” are often misguided because, there is no one Hispanic market. Hispanics are unified by language yet each have unique cultures. This racially and culturally diverse market is comprised of subcultures from several countries in Central and South America, the Carribean and Spain. Outside of the U.S. Hispanics who call themselves by their country of origin, (Bolivian, Mexican, Honduran) are surprised that in the U.S. they are grouped into one general Hispanic category. The most common mistake made in marketing services to this population is viewing them as a homogenous group.

Effectively connecting with Hispanics requires an understanding of the values and behaviors unique to their cultures, how they prefer to receive messages (English, Spanish or both) and how they use media. To that end, our marketing and public relations programs engages them by using strategies and communication tactics that are meaningful and relevant to them, based on local knowledge and years of experience in Hispanic advocacy, not on insular themes and stereotypes.

Essential to effective communication is nuanced messaging tailored to each specific audience. Hispanics have different levels of acculturation and language assimilation, therefore it is critical to understand how the target audiences use the language prior to launching any communications campaign. In short, forging inroads within Hispanic markets requires a rifle rather than a shotgun approach.

Hispanic vs. Latino and Why It Matters

These ‘labels’ mean different things to different people.

Much of the U.S. Hispanic population identifies as Hispanic while a certain segment of the population sees the term as one created by the Anglo ‘establishment’ a term far inferior to ‘Latino’ a more inclusive term, with stronger cultural resonance and ethnic pride.

The more costly shotgun approach is practiced by law firms who dedicate significant portions of their marketing budgets for Spanish language mass media advertising. These efforts can be effective initially in building their firm brand by producing an immediate flood of phone calls, and occasionally a few solid cases. However, results are often superficial and short lived. Television advertising has a brief shelf life, requires continuous outlays of cash for costly production and airtime and has questionable cost/benefit outcomes in terms of building a practice for the long-term. We develop a cost effective program that engages consumers focusing on long range benefits (and in the most dignified manner) through thoughtful, well executed public relations activities that create meaningful connections with Hispanic consumers and have the staying power that builds the trust required to capture this audience’s attention.

We reinforce firm reputation and credibility by building a program that engages our target population through their work and social networks. While this approach requires more leg work and oversight than a media buy or website alone, it creates a more enduring impression in the minds of your potential clients—at significant cost savings.

Over the long-term, our targeted, multi-faceted approach to legal marketing proves to be far more cost effective than traditional media dominated approaches.

Experienced in Hispanic advocacy workExperienced in Hispanic advocacy work, we employ grassroots level tactics through education and outreach to community groups and partnerships to build name recognition and engage potential clients. Through carefully targeted PR activities that include collaborating with key Hispanic advocacy groups, identifying programming opportunities, participating in marketing events, producing marketing collateral material, developing a Spanish language website and media placement in Spanish/bilingual publications. We strategically integrate your firm’s message and brand into their activities and environment. We have researched occupation, lifestyle, education level and media consumption habits of Hispanic group(s) in your geographic area. We approach media buying in terms of return on investment and long term results, knowing that television or radio advertising can be effective when used in a coherent program, with other public relations activities. We never rely solely on mass media advertising to deliver your message because it produces limited, short term results.

Become a culturally competent firm and watch your practice thrive.