Reach and Connect with Hispanic Audiences

Inzunza is a New York City based, full service, independently owned, boutique Hispanic marketing firm.

Unlike the general market, the U.S. Hispanic population is a complex, richly diverse group: native born, first, second and third generation, and long settled immigrants in established communities, originating from over 20 Latin American nations, and speaking a multitude of Spanish dialects.

Media placements generate leads

Inzunza’s work with NYC law firms has led to many social justice victories for Hispanic clients.

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As Hispanic consumers, we respond to messages and cues based on our own experiences and cultural influences much like the general market. Culturally relevant and emotional cues must be there for a campaign to be successful.

As a bilingual and bicultural run agency, have a keen understanding of the U.S. Hispanic population. We engage with and impact New York’s Hispanic Community at all levels. Whether preparing a group of restaurant workers for a press conference or developing a public service campaign for a municipality— we leave a positive impact.

Imagery and language only go so far, to thoroughly understand the culture requires a keen understanding of individual Hispanic subgroups and their differences in race, culture, patterns of Spanish language use, and political leanings, to name a few.

Our areas of industry expertise include legal, financial and professional sports. We handle everything from collateral material to websites to television and radio scripts.

Inzunza’s Services: